Sunday, January 9, 2011

To Have And To Kill

If you enjoy a tight, well-organized storyline, a straight-forward cast of characters and a brisk plot that will keep you guessing the whodunnit, then the latest from romantic suspense writer, Mary Jane Clark, is your perfect indulgence. In TO HAVE AND TO KILL, Ms. Clark departs from her well-received Key News Thrillers (there are 12 in all) and launches a brand new series featuring Piper Donovan, a 20-something, struggling actress, whose character has been killed off the soap opera, A Little Rain Must Fall.

Out of a job and stalled in the romance department, Piper returns home to temporarily live with her parents in suburban New Jersey. Her mother, the owner of a local bakery, declines the chance to make the wedding cake for  Glenna Brooks, the star of A Little Rain Must Fall.  Piper is perplexed because Glenna will soon be departing as the femme fatale of the popular daytime drama, and she is also Piper's friend.  (Hint: Mom has a secret!)

With no other job prospects in sight, Piper steps into her mother's kitchen and decides to take on the challenge of making the wedding cake herself. In the process, she suddenly finds herself part of a larger storyline that bursts with more controversy and drama than the soap opera itself. A Little Rain Must Fall is planning a reunion show and a multitude of Glenna's old beaus suddenly climb out of the woodwork. Is someone trying to stop the wedding? 

Clark concocts a recipe for page-turning suspense that includes expensive, lavish diamonds; a glamorous photo shoot with Martha Killeen (an Annie Leibovitz-type celebrity photographer); and the murder of one of daytime's hottest stars.

TO HAVE AND TO KILL is set in and around Manhattan and offers cameos in places like Saint Patrick's Cathedral and Colicchio and Sons, the restaurant manned by Tom Colicchio, one of the judges from TV's Top Chef.

While everyone is trying to flush out the murderer, a handsome FBI agent adds spice to the 93 compact chapters that count down to Glenna's big wedding day. This book will not only satisfy your craving for a good mystery, but it will also make you eager to see what Clark intends to whip up next in this exciting, brand new series.

NOTE:  This book was reviewed via an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of the novel as provided by NetGalley.

To Have and to Kill (A Wedding Cake Mystery) by Mary Jane Clark
(William Morrow, Hardcover, 9780061995545, 320pp.)
Publication Date: January 2011
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