Friday, May 22, 2015

Scent of Murder

In Scent of Murder, James O. Born delivers a suspenseful mystery about a specialized K-9 police unit in south Florida and its role in tracking a serial kidnapper and possible murderer.

Deputy Tim Hallett isn't having an easy time. A Caucasian cop, he is on the rocks with his African American girlfriend, with whom he shares custody of their four year-old son. He is also still trying to get back on track after being ousted from the detective bureau—he was accused of using inappropriate methods to catch a child molester. Now, two years later, Hallett is a handler of a loyal and instinctive Belgian Malinois police dog named, Rocky, who is called in, along with two other specialized K-9 teams, to search for the criminal-at-large. But will the case that nearly shattered Hallett's career somehow figure in and come back to haunt him?

Born brings readers inside the minds of cops, and he often shifts the viewpoint, with great effect, to reveal the experiences of the devoted, astute canines, as well. The additional perspective of the criminal--the inner workings of his distorted mind as he goes in pursuit of young women whom he can terrorize and dominate--serves to intensify the suspense.

As in his other novels, Born (Border War) layers in authentic details of his native state of Florida and multi-cultural aspects found in contemporary law enforcement. Fans of crime fiction will be drawn to the investigative aspects of the story, while dog lovers will be intrigued by the realistic exploration of courageous police handlers and their canine counterparts.

Scent of Murder by James O. Born
Forge Books,  $25.95 Hardcover, 9780765378477, 304 pp
Publication Date: April 7, 2015
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